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The Historical Origin Of Ganoderma

Foreign history records that in a new year party hosting foreign ambassadors, Cixi Empress Dowager of the Qing Dynasty held a party consisting of a total of 365 dishes, time is seven days and nights, each day has a delicious and special delicious. Seven dishes for seven days are, chimpanzee, Ganoderma lucidum , antelope, monkey brain, white mouse, peacock egg, and breast milk.

The party lasted from the morning of the first day to Saturday of January. The dishes that entertain diners are of course very sophisticated, not only because they are prepared quite meticulously but also very carefully looking for, hunting or nurturing. But what is Ganoderma lucidum that is it on the top of the menu items? Are these those glossy, black mushrooms that we still see in many places in southern California pharmacies? Maybe Ganoderma is so easy.

Not that, this mushroom called Linh Chi , is the first herb in Shen Nong Ban Thao Kinh. The first name of the Draft, the first name is Than Nong Manuscript, was formed around the end of the Dong Han dynasty, and was composed by the people after the name Than Nong.

Ganoderma is the top herb of the top, more than ginseng, is an herb that is considered miraculous, has a lot of good performance, is used for a long time without harm, it can help people grow. To be long-lived. Previously, only the king and the king knew, but ordinary people only heard it, but rarely met.

That mushroom also carries many more strange myths than ginseng. It is said that Ganoderma lucidum grows only in dense forests, at certain times, people who are not predestined will not find it. These mushrooms are cast in the shape of a mushroom called pearls of interest, intended to symbolize longevity, often seen in the hands of the elves in ancient paintings.

In general, Ganoderma lucidum has enough organs, but each has a different feature. However, the differences in Shen Nong Manuscript seem purely, based on the five elements and five qualities, rather than being tested in practice. Green is green, the owner should stick to the liver, white of the needle, the waste owner should supplement the lungs, the color is black, the kidney owner should supplement the kidneys, the yellow color belongs to the earth, the spleen should supplement the spleen. Effects and consequences are due to that consequence.

Recently, when finding a breeding method, faculties in Japan have proven that the mushrooms of different colors are not because of different types but only because of different environments and living conditions. Changing conditions one can also get all six varieties from the same breed.