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Effective Ingredients And Effects Of Ganoderma

Through research and development, Polysaccharide has broad pharmacological activities, enhances the body’s immunity, regulates the body’s immune system, has anti-radioactive effects, detoxifies, improves liver function, bone marrow. , the blood constitutes DNA, RNA, protein, prolongs life, fights melanoma, Polysaccharide has 3 ways to inhibit melanoma:

  • Through improving the body’s immunity, immune cells attack and kill. Early malignant tumor death
  • Improving the ability to form abumin in platelets, a large amount of abumin fiber will crowding the malignant tumor in the early stage, isolating it from the outside, blocking the source of nutrition nutrients provide it, causing it to stay in a state of “sleep” for a long time.
  • Suppress the growth of malignant tumor cells.

Today, Polysaccharide has become one of the medicinal herbs used to treat melanoma. Polysaccharide composition in Ganoderma lucidum (ganodermalucidum Polysaccharide) is now divided into 200 types, most of which are glucosan, a few are glucosan. Glucosan is a structural substance that exists in cell walls; Glucosan is a stored substance that exists in cells. Polysaccharide composition in Ganoderma is the same as in other types of bacteria, with a spiral stereoscopic structure, between the spiral layer is mainly fixed by hydrogen bond, molecular weight from several hundred to several thousand Thousands, apart from a few multinational miners, the vast majority are insoluble in high concentrations of alcohol, but can dissolve in hot water. The pharmacological activity of Polysaccharide in Ganoderma is related to stereochemistry, helical stereochemistry is destroyed, Polysaccharide activity is much reduced.

Ganodenic acid is a tritcrpene type material. Today more than 100 types of ganodenic acid, such as ganodenic acid, B, C, D, E, F, G, I, J, L, ma, mb, tamarind, md, mo, licidumic acid A, B have been extracted. , C, D, E, F, etc… Ganodenic acid contains less than 30 carbon atoms; Lucidumic acid contains 27 carbon atoms. There are some very bitter-tasting ganodenic acids, such as ganodcnic A acid, lucidumic acid A, there are some that do not have a bitter taste, such as ganodenic acid D and lucidunic B acid. Each of them is different or the same type but The living environment is not the same or each stage of growth is different, the content of ganodenic Acid and the bitterness level are not the same, usually the bitter Ganoderma has a high content of ganodenic Acid.

Adenosine is a substance with very strong pharmacological activity, basic structure consists of nucleosides and purines, is one of the main components of Ganoderma lucidum. Ganoderma lucidum contains many types of adenosine-inducing compounds. Adenosine biosynthesis has the effect of inhibiting excessive condensation of platelets, has good ability to treat hemolysis in elderly blood disease, thereby improving blood circulation in the body, preventing obstructive diseases. blood vessels such as cerebral embolism, myocardial infarction, blood circulation is not good, the body is inherently powerless.